Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Real Old School Datsun Truck Runs Well in NORRA 1000...

In what was truly an epic, first of its kind event the inaugural NORRA Mexican 1000 just wrapped up in La Paz.

Over three days some classic racing vehicles and drivers ran, Rally style, down the Baja penninsula from Mexicali to La Paz. As the race's tagline of "Honoring the Past, Forging the Future" indicates, most of the vehicles participating were well over 20 years old, some dating back 40 year or more.

The Datsun truck below is owned and built by Rod Frantelli and finished the "race" in a time of 1126 minutes, 54 seconds in 26th out of 57 entries. I put "race" in quotations as while there were definately some competitive juices flowing the event was more about showcasing the amazing history of desert racing over the past 40 years in Baja and the vehicles/people who made it possible.

That being said, this Datsun truck just goes to show that you don't need a $50K budget nor a brand new vehicle to make a really cool, capable, durable vehicle to race/play with. Check out some of the older vehicles in the event below as well...

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