Friday, May 7, 2010

Infiniti's First Diesel Now Available...

in the U.K. at least...the FX30d is a 3 liter 6 cyl. turbo diesel getting 31 mpg and costing 52,000 pounds ($76,000) before you add in all the British VAT taxes and such (coming soon to a United States near you!!). While the price seems high, its only marginally higher than the petrol burnign version and well worth the upgrade. I am not sure exactly what diesel engine Infiniti chose to put in this FX but it bodes well for putting a nice Mercedes diesel in its next generation given the recent tie-up between the two companies.


The first diesel model in the two-decade history of Nissan's luxuryu brand, Infiniti, is on sale now. The FX30d uses a 235bhp three-litre V6 turbo diesel engine which gives combined fuel economy and CO2 emissions of 31.4mpg and 238g/km, figures which are considerably better than those of the petrol models in the FX range.

The FX30d fits in with Infiniti's new trim level structure of (reading from the bottom up) GT, S, GT Premium and S Premium. It's priced from £45,150 to £51,730, making it only a few hundred pounds more expensive than the FX37 petrol, while also being substantially cheaper to run.

As well as being the only diesel in the range, the FX30d is also the first Infiniti of any kind to be sold in Europe with Lane Departure Prevention. This system not only warns the driver of nearby vehicles but takes active steps to prevent him or her steering into them regardless. It can be over-ridden by using the indicators, or switched off completely.

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