Monday, May 10, 2010

LOORRS 5/8/10 CBS Ratings Are In!

So the first network broadcast of offroad short course racing in 2010 is in the bag.

Though some previous LOORRS rounds have been shown on Speed, this past Saturday marked the return of LOORRS racing to network TV and the first time for short course (in recent memory) on CBS with previous CORR racing on NBC and TORC on ABC in '09.

Viewers have been relatively positive in their opinions of the broadcast and the late afternoon (on the East Coast) time slot would seem to have been properly positioned for the sport's more mid-western/western roots.

That being said, ratings for this broadcast have not improved over those seen in '09. The 0.5 rating generated on CBS this past weekend again translates (for those of you who haven't read my older posts on this) 1/2 of one percent of all the TV "households" in the U.S., which, given that there are approximately 115 million TV "households", equates to 575,000 households viewing the LOORRS broadcast.

As always using my conservative estimate of 1.1 actual individual viewers per "household" this should equate to roughly 633,000 actual viewers of the LOORRS broadcast. While nothing to sneeze at, these figures are pretty static right now as the last five short course broadcasts, whether on ABC, NBC or CBS or whether TORC or LOORRS have all generated either a 0.4 or 0.5 rating. You have to go back to the very first TORC broadcast of '09 (June or July I believe) to find a 0.7 rating that bucks this trend.

On the positive side of things you can see that the LOORRS event did out draw the AMA Supercross broadcast and ESPN Sports Saturday. As a point of reference the two IRL events broadcast on ABC so far this year have generated a 0.6 and a 0.7 rating, well within reach if SOMEONE would promote the sport!

Ratings below:

ESPN Sports Saturday 5/8 ABC 4:00-6:00pm 0.4

NBA Lakers-Jazz: Game Three 5/8 ABC 8:15-11:00pm 4.4

NCAA Women's Gymnastics (taped) 5/8 CBS 3:00-5:00pm 0.7

LOORRS: Speedworld Off Road Park (taped) 5/8 CBS 5:00-6:00pm 0.5

MLB: (Yankees-Red Sox, 82%) 5/8 Fox 3:00-7:00pm 2.4

NASCAR Showtime Southern 500 5/8 Fox 7:00-11:00pm 3.9

Global Golf Adventure: Bermuda (taped) 5/8 NBC 1:30-2:00pm 0.6

The Players Championship: Third Round 5/8 NBC 2:00-6:00pm 2.5

"NBA Countdown" 5/9 ABC 3:00-3:30pm 1.6

NBA Celtics-Cavaliers: Game Four 5/9 ABC 3:30-6:00pm 5.1

Monster Energy AMA SX: Year In Review 5/9 CBS 5:00-6:00pm 0.3

Heads Up Poker Championship (taped) 5/9 NBC 12:00-2:00pm 1.1

The Players Championship: Final Round 5/9 NBC 2:00-7:00pm 3.3

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