Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Podium #2: LOORRS in Las Vegas...

I wish I could do the result justice with a great picture of Jimmy Stephensen in action from this past weekend but none appear to be found at the moment.

Regardless, Jimmy had an excellent weekend for someone with no teammates, minimal funding and the barest of factory support. On Saturday Jimmy grabbed a podium spot behind Marty Hart and Adam Wik. On Sunday Jimmy didn't have quite as good a run but still finished on the lead lap in 6th place.

Two other small Nissan teams also ran well for their size and support. Javier Sacio who hasn't run his Nissan in some time also finished on the lead lap both days in 7th and 8th while Stephan Papadakis, a rookie more familiar with drifting events, likewise ran every possible lap on the weekend finishing in 8th and 9th.

There are a number of other Nissan Pro-Light vehicles still out there (Cuffaro's, Currie's, etc.) as they have moved on to other manufacturers and if only someone with a little bit of driving talent and some deep pockets could pick one up, they could be running at the front again...

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