Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Next Step in an Improved Towing Experience...

First step was actually obtaining a trailer.  That was done recently.  Now on to sprucing it up and making it more user friendly.

When I got it the four tires on the trailer, 225/75d15s, were all in very good condition.  No real wear of any significant kind.  But given the heavy weight of my race truck on the trailer, frequent poor road conditions, long travel distances, etc. I wanted a couple spares.  So a couple brand new mounted spares we now have.  As long as I'm not heading back to Baja, two spares should cut it one would think.

Then on to how to get the truck ON the trailer.  The prior owner had been using wooden planks to get his smallish car on the trailer and that worked just fine.  I wanted something a bit heavier duty while being light as well.  So it was aluminum ramps that were acquired.  With that the trailer is ready to go to its first event just one week away.

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