Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gimmick Racing Socks...

Must be a trend...came across these two sets of socks targeted at racing enthusiasts in recent days.

First up are Blipshift's "3 Pedal Socks"for $17 a pair.  They look good for casual or business casual use.  I have one Blipshift shirt already and its quality was solid so I would imagine these socks are near the same.

If you want a pair, you can go here:
3 Pedal Socks...

The second set are Robby Gordon's Speed Energy Drink socks...I like these a tad better as they have a sense of humor about them.  To date they have only sold them at various Speed Energy Drink related events and not over the Internet.  Hopefully if enough people harass Robby Gordon and Speed Energy they will make them available to a wider shopping audience.

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