Monday, July 6, 2015

Rubber O-Rings for A Watch Band Holder

I have a relatively cheap Timex Ironman digital watch that I use as my bang around watch and spare clock for rally racing.  It has treated me well though is an obvious tell to others that I am not exactly a fashion plate.

Unfortunately its one flaw is its watch band keeper.  Made out of a thin rubber and exposed to salt, sand, dirt, sun, sunscreen, solvents, oil, etc. it seems to breakdown pretty quickly and after a year or so had split and left my watch band flopping around and the watch unusable.  Timex doesn't seem to sell just the watch band loop and I didn't want to buy replacement straps for near $20 just to get the little loop.  So what is one to do.

Well, Home Depot solved the problem with their plumbing isle.  A little box of 10 rubber O-rings about 9/16 in diameter, in black for less than $3 is perfect.  The O-rings might even be better than the original as they are likely made to stand up to all kinds of chemicals and substances given their plumbing application.  The O-ring is comfortable and its matte black finish fits perfectly with the Timex rubber.  Perfect and problem solved.

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