Monday, July 27, 2015

Doing Things Ass Backwards...

So some five years ago I bought a brand new truck that I turned into a stage rally, hill climb, rally cross, desert racing, all around toy.  At the time I had no vehicle to tow it with and no trailer to tow it on.  Typically its good to have those before embarking on such a path.  In that time I've begged, borrowed and paid for transport of various kinds to and from events and occasionally driven the race truck to and from the event itself just crossing my fingers that nothing bad would happen that would prevent me from driving it home.

I've now finally remedied one of the above noted absences.  My frequent co-driver David Dennis recently had the opportunity to downsize his trailer by buying a lighter trailer from a brother of his that would suit his purposes just his full deck trailer on which we have towed my truck a number of times became available.  So I bought it.  As trailers go she ain't pretty but she gets the job done and with a bit of work can be spruced right up as her bones are solid.  I also like the full deck as while it makes the trailer significantly heavier it also helps prevent frame twisting that I've seen when my 4000 pound truck is put on an open deck. First up for modifications?  A new jack for the front including a nice fat caster wheel attachment to help it pull around my yard with my Pathfinder since I don't have a truck with a hitch...yet.

With the new jack in place next up is a new winch for the deck and some new ramps.  Oh, and if you need something like a new project car towed around and don't have a trailer?  Let me know, she's always available for work if you need her and can provide the vehicle to tow her and your stuff with.

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