Monday, June 29, 2015

Nissan Frontier, Xterra, Pathfinder, Titan Headlight Retaining Ring

Finally tracked this little sucker down.  After using a bit of duck tape to hold in the passenger side headlight for a couple months I picked up a couple of these tonight.

I was afraid I might have to buy a whole light assembly for like $200 to correct the issue but that is not the case.  I had lost the retaining ring/clip somewhere and now I will have it back in working order.  Kind of an obscure part.  Diagrams show only the whole light assembly but not this ring.

The part # is 26029MB and should be applicable to all the '04-'15 F-Alpha platform vehicles.  Courtesy Nissan out of Texas sold me mine, they have been great to me for well over a decade in finding parts and getting them out to me in short order.  Don't let your dealer tell you they can't get it!

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Nd4SpdSe said...

I had the same issue finding it for my 03, where Nissan Canada only listed it as part of the entire headlamp assy. I ordered it for a gen2 Xterra and it was exactly it, exactly that part number : 26029-0z800, so also compatible for a 02-04 Xterra. Not sure about the 00-01