Thursday, September 4, 2014

Surf Artist Jay Alders

 I was recently introduced to Jay Alders' work while staying at a beach house in North Carolina.  The owners of said house were obviously big surfers with photos of the local surf and beaches as well as surfboards and other "surfer" related items decorating much of the house.

In a couple of rooms however there were prints of various paintings that really stood out to me.  Not only did they reflect the laid back vibe of the locale we were in as well as the surfer dominated culture there but also elicited an emotional response in me.  I found them to be beautiful, powerful and sensual in their colors and curves--a near perfect reflection of what the ocean, beach and waves can be to human beings.

Fortunately each of these prints was nicely notated in a corner with the artist's name, Jay Alders.  The Jay website contains a great portal through which you can see his work (in addition to the paintings shown here).  Alders works in a number of mediums--canvas, wood, photography, digital, etc. and he has worked with a number of musical artists as well as surf/ocean/water related non-profits in the past.  Check out his work...if you like the ocean and/or some sweet art to peruse, I think you'll enjoy it.  I'll be getting a print some time to hang in my house myself.

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