Wednesday, September 10, 2014

One Nissan and a Couple Datsuns from Stanford's Revs Digital Library

Stanford just released on the Web its collection of photographs taken at various auto events over the past, oh, say 70 years??

Much of the collection is focused on the bigger locations, marques and names in motorsports--Ferrari, Porsche, Sterling Moss, Dan Gurney, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, etc.

Unfortunately the Datsun/Nissan images captured are quite limited though they are shown here.  One is that of the 1976 introduction of the Datsun pickup and another of the Datsun F-10. 

The F-10 is the one that interests me here.  The rear hatch, the louvers on the hood, the sloped rearend...its a pretty sharp looking little car.  The F-10 was Datsun/Nissan's first FWD vehicle sold here in the States and came out in 1974 and weighed a shockingly light 1,664 pounds.

The only Nissan in the collection is from Laguna Seca in the early 1990s.  Love the hornlike air scoops that sit FEET above the chassis on this model...

I also checked through this collection to see if there were any photos of John Fitch and while there are a number photos of Lime Rock and Watkins Glen where Fitch ran numerous races and many of the photos are from time periods when he was active, he did not appear in this collection.

Revs Digitial Library...

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