Monday, December 2, 2013

Nissan IDx NISMO and Freeflow are a GO!

Well that didn't take long...

Reports are already coming out that Nissan will be producing the IDx NISMO and/or Freeflow "concept" vehicles recently shown in Tokyo.  In truth this is what we all thought anyway as they are close to production models as is--similar to the Juke when they released its "concept" model.  Reportedly they were waiting on the response from the public after their recent introduction to make a final decision.  That response has been solidly (but not universally) positive.

I think this is what Nissan was aiming for anyway.  The last thing they wanted to do with these vehicles was produce another Sentra or Versa.  Why produce another bland econobox?  Create something a bit polarizing that people will latch onto and claim as their own--similar again to the Juke.

Where is the line for the NISMO version??  I think its just brutally awesome with its gaping shark like nose, small wing over the rear window, side mirrors on the hood, side exhaust and bulging flared wheel wells. I'd like to get in that line NOW!

Nissan greenlighting the IDx NISMO and/or Freeflow!!

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