Monday, December 9, 2013

Body Armor Outlet Product Of The Moment!

Body Armour has a fantastic selection of gear available online but they've recently moved to a new facility in Salem, NH and expanded their in store offerings as well.

The new store has at least twice the floor space of the Windham building and is better located and more visible.  With the new space, Body Armor Outlet has some items that don't appear on their website--such as this tshirt from 5.11 Tactical.  This tshirt and others available at the BAO retail store are not present on 5.11's website either so stopping by the new store and checking things out would be a great idea.

The medium grey tshirt here is 100% cotton and printed in the USA.  I'm 6'2" and about 210 (at the moment) and an XL fit very nicely, one of the best fitting tshirts I've had in a long time actually.  The rifle toating
 dwarf (gnome?) is present on the front of the shirt in the middle of the chest while the 5.11 logo is nicely low key on the back.  A really cool looking tshirt for only $16 in tax free NH.  Give BAO a call or stop by the new facility and check out the rest of their gear.

As a reminder--if you work for a police, fire or other department requiring tactical gear, give BAO a call for your entire unit's needs as they specialize in outfitting entire towns and cities throughout the Northeast and around the country with the equipment they need.

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