Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nissan Juke: Star Wars Edition??

For some reason the Nissan Juke seems to attract Star Wars fans/comparisons.  There have already been a number of Star Wars themed You Tube videos with Stormtroopers in them over the past couple years and it appears as if Nissan corporate has gotten on the bandwagon.

Teasing some sort of Nissan Juke Star Wars linkup, Nissan has just released a number of screenshots with a red and white Stormtrooper hyping the "Nissan Juke: The New Story" as well as the video you see below.  Some of the language, including that of the original poster of the video, is in Japanese so is this a Japan only announcement?  Have Disney (now owners of Star Wars/Lucas Arts) made some sort of marketing arrangement?  I honestly don't know but it appears as if 8/26/13 is the date we will find out.

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