Thursday, April 4, 2013

The End of a Syrian Tank...

Well that's the end of a perfectly good T-72 or T55 or T62...I really can't tell which it is given the quality of the video and the similar look of the long cannon and rounded top of the Russian built tanks.  Supposedly Syria started out with some 5000 of these types of tanks.  The one here seems to be confident in ts ability to withstand small arms fire and not moving around much as it would if it were facing a more heavily armoured opponent.  Around the 1:10 mark you can see a man with a LAW on his shoulder and why that wasn't used is unknown already had and missed?  Ineffective?) is unknown. Also of interest is that the rebels in this video seem unworried about receiving small arms fire or encountering Syrian army members on foot.  Classic guerrilla territory with the Syrian army afraid to send in unmounted forces and thinking they can take/hold ground with armor only.

This is a recent video from the conflict in Syria which reportedly resulted in 6000 deaths in the month of March alone and is now seeing the Government supported militia groups being sent off to Iran for anti-guerrilla training.


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