Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Film Review: Moneyball

I had decent sized hopes for this film.  Aaron Sorkin screenplay?  Check.  Michael Lewis source material?  Check.  Sports?  Check.  Brad Pitt?  Check.  Up for numerous awards?  Check.

And it met none of those same hopes.

The film looks good but that's about it.  Plot devices go no where and die (ex wife, kid, sabremetrics, big market vs. small market, etc.).  Brad Pitt's acting is a flat line--little humor, little anger, little emotion.  The story never delves into the heart of the Michael Lewis material which is the use of non-traditional statistical modeling to find "value" in overlooked baseball players.

The film is WAAAY overly long dragging out and including things that have no relevance to the story itself.  A more bloated film would be hard to find.  And I think that is what I come to at the end of the day here.  This was a film meant to be Brad Pitt Oscar bait and pump up that aspect of the film.  Get the guys in the door with the idea of a sports film and get the women in the door with the idea of a Brad Pitt film.  It fails on both accounts (at least from my perspective).

There was nothing here of great excitement and at 133 minutes it seemed extremely long.  There isn't anything really awful here, everything is professional and nothing jumps out at one as being stupid or badly done, its just not worth the time to go through as there is little of value to be derived from its viewing.

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