Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nissan Juke NISMO

 Nissan has teased us over the last couple months with the Juke-R, the GT-R engine transplant.

Now Nissan brings us a slightly hop'd up version of the Juke that may just make it to the showroom floor.

The NISMO Juke carries with it all the usual factory doo-dads and nick-knacks that you would expect from a "factory" package including an aero package, redesigned interior and body graphics.  Truly functional additions include the 20 inch wheels and a boost (all puns intended given the turbocharged engine) in power.  This boost is not yet defined but should be shortly as the NISMO Juke will be at the Tokyo Auto Show in the immediate future.

It may not be a Juke-R but at least its something. Now if only there were a WRC package for the Juke...

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