Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here We Come 2012!!

So if you'll notice...the little "support" section over to your right now states "2012" vs. 2011.

This is because the first race for NISMO Stuff Racing is locked in for 2012. The first stage rally event for the team will be the Sandblast Rally located in Cheraw, SC.  Performing the team's usual scrounging for resources, NISMO Stuff Racing has again been fortunate to acquire the talents of a local racer for the co-driving seat.

This time it will be Mr. David Dennis of the (in?)famous Dennis family.  Though I will not be repainting the Frontier in purple, I did agree to run a few purple stickers on his behalf!

Due to this events distant location the team could not feel comfortable in driving the race vehicle to the event, running the event and hoping that it would be in one piece to drive home.  Though the 2011 events in New York were rough, they were close enough to home and family that recovery of the vehicle in short order shouldn't have been a problem.

With South Carolina a full day's drive away this just wouldn't have been wise.  So it is that Mr. Dennis has also offered the service of his tow vehicle and trailer as well.  Truly the event could not happen for the team without him.

In watching the videos of Sandblast 2011 the roads seem much more open and soft compared to the roads raced by the team in NY this year though look to present a different set of challenges in terms of loss of traction in the loose sand and high potential for getting the 2WD truck stuck should the driver take a wrong line.  Nonetheless the team hopes to continue its 100% finishing rate intact and get a good deal more experience under its belt.

Currently there are 32 entries and looks to be a really solid turnout that will include two other trucks (a Ranger and a Mighty Max) and at least one other Nissan (a 240SX).  Can't wait!

February 4th is the date.  Mark it down.

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