Friday, August 5, 2011

Okemo II Hillclimb Event...

So its off to NISMO Stuff Racing's second real motorsports event at 4:30 tomorrow morning.

Why 4:30?  Because I spend today with my family at 6 Flags in Massachusetts unlike the prior Okemo hillclimb event where I went up the day before in order to get settled and prepared.

Not so much this time.  I will be arriving at about 7AM and getting tech'd at that time prior to Saturday practices and Sunday's race.

Changes to the NISMO Stuff Nissan Frontier since the last event?  Not too much.  I am upping the tire pressure from about 30-33 PSI (found the measurements to vary between the tires by a larger than expected margin) to 36 PSI all around.  The higher PSI should provide marginally lower rolling resistance and more responsive handling while still being soft enough to provide plenty of grip.  We'll see.

There has been some additional gusseting to the cage both in the cab and in the bed of the truck to meet some final tech requirements for it to receive its Rally America rulebook so hopefully that will be accomplished this weekend as well.

Lastly...the weather.  It is supposed to rain on and off all weekend including thunderstorms.  My assumption is that my vehicle will be less bothered by bad conditions than the others will.  I have no need to change tires as I'm not running racing slicks like many others and am not really running asphalt tires at all.  This won't even the playing field but it may tighten some things up.  Again, we'll see...

I'll report back soon with more pictures this time (new camera) and perhaps some video as well though no in-car video yet.  That will be done for the Black River Stages Rally event in one month however.

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