Monday, August 8, 2011

$100MM to Somalia?? Really??

Yup...there it is...$100,000,000 more of your tax dollars were just allocated to go help out Somalia today.

Yes, the ever bubbily Jill Biden was over there today blathering on and on about how horrible their (100% self inflicted) situation is and how we should all be donating our money to help them out.

Meanwhile Barack was back here throwing a big birthday bash/fundraiser then jetting off to Camp David for the weekend and staying silent on the downgrade of the US credit rating and death of dozens of SEAL Team members.

Hey, how bout taking that $100,000,000 and putting it toward paying interest on the debt?  Or supporting our troops in Afghanistan with more/better equipment?  Or ANYTHING but funnelling it down the crapper of yet another third world country that will squander/burn/lose/smoke/confiscate our tax dollars?

Oh, yeah and the market's down about 500 points today...But there's a nice electronic transfer being made from your tax dollars over to Somalian pygmies right now...What a great country!!


Anonymous said...

on an unrelated note : i'm more pissed off about this :

exactly why do we send money to a " developped " country ?

spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

Hmm, an Islamic sympathizer, huh?? Didn't really think I'd attract those types, but whatever, I'll address your question, its easy.

Your Wikipedia source notes that we gave "grants" of $2.5B to Isreal in 2007, $2.3B of which was "military" grants. I'm sure we give direct aid to Isreal as well but since this is what you quoted, I'll only deal with this.

#1 the military "grants" serve to generate business here in the US supporting jobs within the defense and surrounding industries. So while I don't support tax dollars going to support business that can't survive on its own, I certainly understand the thinking behind backing US industry.

#2 it is key to US interests to suppot Isreal in what ways we can to offset the influence in the Middle East of Iran, Syria and the rest of the stone throwing pygmies present there. As the VERY accurate saying goes--"If all the Arabs were to throw away their guns today, peace would reign in the region forever more. If the Isrealis were to throw away their guns today, Isreal would cease to exist tomorrow."

Anonymous said...

couldn't care less about muslims , islamists or israel , so please don't call me an islamic " symapthizer " , you don't know me .

as you can see, israel is not interested in any peace.
It looks like Lieberman is saying that if Palis get statehood, the PA will have people challenge roadblocks which will lead to violence.

So the violence will be meted out by the Israelis when Palestinians challenge Israeli roadblocks in the West Bank. If Palestine is successfull in becoming an independent nation then the Israeli roadblocks would be inside this new nation, would it not.
this is intentionally provocative, per the . To make peace, Israel must act peacefully.
Also, Israel has said that palestine seeking statehood within the UN will, and i quote, "lead to bloodshed".
the israeli government dosen't want this to end , apparently they can't get enough of that limitless financial support from the us .

and that saying is not accurate at all , without US aid , israel has by default the 2nd strongest army in the world , and the 6th largest nuclear arsenal ( i guess ? ) so i don't see buch of " stone throwing pygmies " bothering israel at all even if they let their guard down . not now, not ever , unless you consier iran with their early 20th century primitive army as a legitimate threat.

what to do ? force israel to stop building settler homes in the west bank , stop the financial support of israel , get the UN to recognize palestine and i bet this shit will be over ...once and for all .

no one should be bothered with iran , pretty much every OIL arab country supports the us and hates iran add to that , military presence in both iraq and afghanistan will keep iran grounded .

the oil filled arab countries can be used better to offset iran's influence .....with benefits on top of that

spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

If you're not an Islamic sympathizer and don't care about Isreal or the Palestinians then why bother to comment?

We now give (since 1985) $3B in GRANTS each year to Isreal--not direct cash. Since 2004 we have sent more direct cash to Iraq than we have grants to Isreal. Obama requested and authorized the $3B in '11. Virtually ALL of these grants are repatriated to the US in the form of purchases from US military companies for weapon systems such as the F-35 and missle defense.

Your views on the peaceful nature of the Palestinians and other Islamo-fascist societies is infantile and demonstrably incorrect. Israel has no suicide bombers going into Syria and blowing up malls. Israel doesn't launch rockets indiscriminately at population centers. Israel doesn't declare that Tehran must be wiped off the map.

Your arguments are that of an unemployed nitwit. Please return to your vegatative state and leave the thinking to the adults in the room.