Thursday, December 30, 2010

Safety Cage Finished...

Notice I said "Safety Cage".

The entire cage is NOT complete and won't be for some time.

The rear still needs some down bracing and triangulation back to the main cage, but that won't happen until the new leaf springs are ready to go in and shock mounts on the rear bracing will also be built to have them come up through the bed.

The front of the cage, specifically the engine cage, will await the front suspension parts so that the upper shock mounts can be integrated into that part of the cage.

So, for now, the truck could pass its safety inspection and go racing...but its far from complete.

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Brian Driggs said...


I'm still a ways behind you, but finally making progress, Dan. Galant is in the shop getting the basic cage done now. I'll be saving the door/sill bars until after I've bought things like clutch, tires, windshield, seats, belts, maybe a helmet.

I wanna drive this thing again.

The Nismo is looking wicked. Can't wait to see some video of it in action!