Monday, December 27, 2010

The "Other" Dakar Race: Africa Eco Race 2011

With scrutineering having begun today I figured I should list the entrants in the race that has "replaced" the Dakar in Africa over the past few years.  Running over much of the same geography that the traditional Dakar race has in years past (Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal) the Africa Eco Race has been slowly building its vehicle/entrant count, though the names involved are decidedly not of the class of those currently in South America.

Still...given the number of shady groups filtering through the wastelands of Northern Africa currently, and the lower funding/security that the Africa Eco Race is sure to have compared to the Dakar events, this is not an event for the weak of heart...

The Nissan entrants (so far, there may be one more) in the Africa Eco Race 2011 are:

#301  Jacky Loomans, Frits Driesmans
#332  Antoine Sanchez, Andre Ascione
#366  Yves Marie Dulioust, Thierry Maury
#367  Serge Floris, Pierrick Legendre

Updates on the race beginning today can be found here:  Africa Eco Race 2011

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