Friday, December 3, 2010

Buy ORB and YOOX (stock that is...)

About 10 months ago I gave my first stock recommendation.  I stated at the time to buy Ford stock as I had at just less than $12.  While admitting that I had not been smart or brave enough to jump on the Ford bandwagon when it was at less than $2 some two years ago at this point, I felt that given its products, finances and good will, that it was poised to see its stock increase substantially from its sub $12 standing.  Now these 10 months later the stock stands at this moment at $16.66, equating to a 39% increase from where I recommended it.  That being said, if the stock remains in this range come late January, I will sell the stock and lock in those gains while avoiding short term capital gains taxes having held it for at least a year.

One quality pick does not a stock picker make.  So here are my next two choices--again, not to be held for solely short term gains but to be held for at least one year.

Orbital Sciences Corp. (NYSE: ORB) and YOOX SpA (BIT: YOOX)

ORB is a US based company that designs and builds rockets and space systems for the government and commercial applications.  The stock is well off its yearly and multi-year highs, has remained profitable, saw a small revenue decline in '09 but will see a 7-10% revenue increase in '10, has $277MM in cash on hand at Q3 end and $330MM in working capital.  ORB has a market cap of less than $1B and could be a very attractive target for a larger aerospace/defense company like a Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, etc. as NASA and the government in general gets out of the space business and commercial space enterprises ramp up over the next few years.

YOOX is in a completely different "space" as it were.  YOOX is an Italy based, online retailer of higher end apparel and accessories in over 60 countries--and, this is the key, are opening a division in China at this moment.  China has a huge hunger for high end Western goods right now and this will fuel substantial growth in sales and profits for this company in the foreseeable future--even more so when you figure online business is far and away outstripping face to face business (a 41% increase in sales in Q3 '10 vs. Q3 '09 as an example for YOOX) with this holiday season looking like it will blow the top off all expectations for Internet sales.

So there you have it.  Buy my dear now...

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