Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nissan Juke Pictures and Info Released!!

So the pics are now finally released. In Europe today Nissan took the wraps of the "Juke" which will be showing up in U.S. dealerships late this summer. It will have its world debut at the Geneva Auto Show in a few weeks and have its North American debut at the New York Auto show later this Spring.

Most poo-poo'd the idea that any of the design cues from the Qazana concept would make it to production but as you can see here, most have. Not all details are out--such as what drive trains will power the U.S. version but there are plenty of items of note already. I for one LOVE the styling and see this vehicle aimed squarely at the Mini Clubman and upcoming Audi A1.

Some of the aforementioned items of note:
1) Will be available with a "rugged" package. Not a full off-road package given its unibody and sports car styling but skid plates and such will be available for those who might want to take the vehicle rallying or the like.

2)AWD will be available and will be paired with multi-link rear suspension as opposed to the torsion beam rear seen in the 2WD version.

3) It will be imported from Japan and not as previously speculated, made in the U.S.

4) The Europe version will be powered by 1 of 3 powerplants--a turbo 1.6L that puts out 188 hp, a NA 4cyl with 115 hp, and a 1.5L diesel with 105 hp and 177 lb. ft of torque (equaling the torque put out by the turbo 1.6). U.S. engines are unknown and will likely be announced at the New York Auto Show.

Nissan looks at this vehicle as a way to capture some of the youth market and offer an alternative to small hatchbacks (Mazda 3, Toyota Matrix, etc.) and are looking to move around 100K-150K units per year with a selling price starting in the mid/high teens and topping out in the low 20s...

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Despite its overall compact dimensions, the roomy interior offers competitive levels of space inside: front head room and rear knee room will be sufficient for most occupants