Sunday, February 28, 2010

Now We've Got A Series!!

For the first time in a number of years Rally America might actually be a contested series instead of a Pastrana coronation.

Ken Block won this weekend's "100 Acre Wood" event marking his only his second event in the new Ford and the last event before he goes to Mexico to run in the WRC event there. Though Block was running a bit behind TP, and eventual 2nd place finisher Antoine L'Estage, coming into the second day, a broken control arm ended Pastrana's event and Block ran hard enough to overtake L'estage. This marked Block's 5th consecutive win in Missouri and puts him back in contention after his DNF a month ago in Michigan.

L'Estage's 2nd place moves him into 1st overall on the season as he finished 2nd back at the Sno*Drift event and Bill Bacon's 3rd place this weekend moves him into 2nd on the year as he had finished 3rd at Sno*Drift.

So with Block and TP both having a DNF and a win in their first two events the season looks to be off to a great start. Block and Pastrana will have to fight hard to make up ground and get back to the front —especially in this shorter season.

Also good to see cars like a 1970 VW Bug out there running and running well...showing that at its heart Rally Racing can be fun and a challenge for all, no matter what the budget...

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