Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kona Brewing Company: Longboard Island Lager

Ahh...another new beer. I saw this one in the local butcher shop and didn't realize that they are a fairly major brewer. Fairly expensive out here in the East Coast--like $8 a sixer I was hoping it would be a solid addition to my filet mignon and chocolate cake inclusive dinner...

And I was not dissapointed. This lager is just a nice solid beer. Not heavy but not watered down either carrying a nice golden color and light head. Not overly hoppy but with a nice finish that stays with you just long enough to appreciate the taste and not ruin whatever comes after and fortunately the brewery didn't ruin it either by being silly and saying "Hey, we're from Hawaii, lets put a coconut flavor in our beer!!"

Perhaps one of the beers best features, is it's level of carbonation. It's not bubbly like a champagne or a cheap Natty Light which continue to foam away in your mouth but not a "flat" beer either. They have balanced it just right. I would drink this beer all summer and fall as it is a solid "refreshing" beer not likley to weigh you down. I would highly reccomend this beer to anyone who comes across it.

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