Saturday, December 12, 2009

Harpoon Winter Warmer: Second Worst Beer Ever??

Holy cow...I am a fairly varied beer drinker rarely buying the same brand or style of beer twice so I have at least a decent range of experience to fall back on though certainly wouldn't call myself a "beer connoisseur" or anything. Still, this beer was bad enough for me to rank it behind only Sam Adams Scotch Ale in terms of complete undrinkability. I had picked up a sixer of this beer anticipating something similar to the Sam Adams winter ale—a heavier beer with a decent bite but still consumable.

Wow was I wrong. This beer is overpowered by the cinnamon and nutmeg used within it so that drinking it tastes like you have overturned your spice rack and began licking the mixed mess off the counter. Truly, little of a true "beer" flavor comes through—which was also the problem with the Scotch Ale. This is yet another beer where the attempt to create a "unique" beer has overridden any thoughts of the end user. Don't bother with this beer unless you need to remind your friends that not all results of the increase in craft brewing over the past two decades have been beneficial.


RC Miller said...

As a Harpoon lover, I agree with you 100% that this beer is absolute dogshit. I wasted almost $10 here in NJ on a six-pack and barely finished one bottle. What a shame.

spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

Glad we agree!! I like beer that tastes like...ohhh, I don't know....Beer??