Saturday, December 12, 2009 RIP...

And so it comes to pass...The end of an era.

Advanstar Communications has decided to pull the plug on It will cease operations at the end of December with all remaining employees to be released in early January. What was started over 15 years ago by Pattie Waters and her husband and perhaps possessing the single most valuable web address in the world of off-road media will come to an end.

Always an odd-duck within the Advanstar portfolio of companies (fashion, doctors, healthcare), the off-road market was something I don't think they ever got a handle on how to operate properly. Hell, as they tried reworking and reworking their strategy in regards to at the emphasis went from "We have to have forums!!", to "We have to have video!!", to "We have to have girls in skimpy outfits!!" and as a last gasp this past fall—"We have to do social media!!"...I knew the end was near with this final attempt, I mean, what were they looking to do here?? Tweet about the latest trail? the latest off-road results? Even the biggest and best companies in the world have yet to figure out how to monetize social media in any sort of relevant way, so why did Advanstar think they could do it with off-road?

I think even the Advanstar management realized this in the last few weeks and finally just threw their hands up in the air and said "That's it...we quit..."

How smart does this development make Jim Ryan, Marty Fiolka and the rest of the crew over at Dirt Sports make? Less than a year ago they bought Dirt Sports out from under the Advanstar banner and set off on their own course. While still sharing some employees and some advertising, Dirt Sports is its own viable (I believe) entity, driven and purchased by a dedicated group of enthusiasts. They don't appear to be trying to grow themselves too big or too quickly—they know where their expertise lies, they focus on it, and they don't seem to care if others don't "get it". Well done to them.

Where this development leaves Advanstar's other Off-Road businesses (Off-Road Expo, Off-Road Impact) is up to debate, as is the remainder (2 Wheel Tuner, etc.) of Advanstar's other motorsports businesses. Also unknown is what is to happen to the over 15 years of data, reviews, articles, advice, results and more that is contained within the archives. Does Advanstar just wipe the servers clean, seeing no use for the old data or do they sell it all off (along with the URL) to an interested third party?

Now at a cheap enough price I could see Dirt Sports management buying it up and using it all as a platform off of which to run a Dirt Sports website—supposedly in development for nearly a year now but with little/nothing visible to show for it. Now, does the Jim Ryan Communications Group have ANY interest in running an online site or do they just want to stick with what they do best and make sure they run their magazine as best they can?

There is something to be said for being small, agile and focused. perhaps failed to succeed in part because it tried to be everything to everybody. It tried to cover events, provide product reviews, give a forum to enthusiasts, support off-road conservation efforts, and ran articles about darn near EVERYTHING in the off-road world (snowmobiles, motorcycles, UTVs, rock crawlers, rally racing, desert racing, etc.)—it just spread itself too thin, never becoming the "go to" site for any one group.

Finally I'd like to thank the people at, specifically Pattie Waters and Josh Burns for giving me my first step into the world of online off-road journalism/opinion and in part (ironically) resulting in this site and post today.


DRM said...

Thanks for the notice, and yes - it leaves me wondering what will happen to some content I submitted back in the late 90's, as well as some trail reports from back in the 90's as well.

Ack said... along with were the places to goto to when you needed information on modding one's Samurai. These two sites are where I started back in 2000.

The Suzuki/Geo Forum content there will be missed...

Jim "Ack" Cambron

Vtr_Racing said...

What a sad day for the offroading community. I did some work for ORC and am REALLY sad to see them go. I would like to thank Patty and Dean Waters. 2 of the most dedicated people I know, for giving me the opportunity. Pat Chicas and Tim Sanchez introducing me to them. Im really sad to see ORC go.

pjcnlv said...

Well, the facts are:

I, Pat Chicas started in Hawaii in 1994 and Dean and Pattie Waters merged in a year later. I was the majority owner up to selling the site to Advanstar in 2005.

I still have all the content on the old Sun server that was online 'till 2002. I guess it's time to dust it off. Also, my non-compete expires in early q2 of 2009.

Not that I want to do that gig again but, it will be nice to fill a few holes left behind.

See you on-line.
I run and today which are soon to consolidate under a single server with a third domain name.

Jeepsterjim said...

This very disturbing news!
ORC has hosted a club I founded "American Jeepster Club" for years and it will be a huge blow to not only lose the club's site but all the priceless info in its archives. This may be a lot to ask for, but Pat chicas, would there be a slim chance that you could help us out?

I started an AJC blog today with google, which might help a little.

I applogize if I am out of line by using this blog to help save the AJC.

pjcnlv said...

I'd be happy to have you aboard. I expect to have my existing sites merged and fully operational by the end of the month. See I can host your blog and provide private VBulletin forums for you.

spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

Not out of line at all means, use this blog for whatever communications or arrangements you need...

Jeepsterjim said...

Dan & Pat

Thanks for the help. Pat, can we get together by email or phone?

Here is my email addy

Dan & Pat, is it feasible to aquire the archives of the AJC?

ack said...


I have links to some of the Suzuki Samurai tech content at ORC in my search database at Ack's FAQ ( Those links will go away when they shut down.

Are you considering making archival material like the Samurai tech articles available in the near future? If so, can I put the new URLs in my site's user-searchable database? I would be more than happy to install an identifying link avatar for your site in each record! Cross-Promotion!

- Ack

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