Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Patrols, Titans and Hardbodies—Oh My! it should be "Titan" and not "Titans"...shoot me...

Regardless, I just wanted to post a number of shots from the recent Taupo 1000 race in New Zealand. Looked at as the longest and best off-road race in the Southern Hemisphere (though I think the Dakar in its South American incarnation may now grab that title) the Taupo is one of the world's true adventures. Best of all, Nissans, especially the Patrol in both its pickup and its SUV forms, are a force to be reckoned with here. Also of note is that the Titan shown here is listed as having a SUPERCHARGED 4.5 liter engine...not too many of those around I don't believe....

Trucks #830, #832 and #609 found in these pics finished 11th, 12th and 13th on the weekend out of 74 entries. The Titan (still looking for more info on this truck as Titans have never been sold in Australia or NZ and I suspect he must have imported the engine and built the truck around that or purchased one of the former CORR Pro2 Titans of Carl Renezeder), driven by Raana Horan, finished in 57th after experiencing engine problems.

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Glen Sandford said...

wow Weired to see my photo's up on a blog from another country !

the "Titan" is a 4wd mid engined runs a vh45de with a f150 lightning supercharger. it's just a imported body shell i believe the frame was made here in NZ,at one stage it was runnin as high as 2nd but had transmission issues

#830 is also vh45 powered, it's middengined and runs 2wd through a V drive set up.

the white patrol was a turbo diesel as as far as im aware was almost stock (exept rollcage etc)

Thanks for the intrest in NZ offroad racing check out for more


Glen Sandfdord