Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Corporate Nissan Display at SEMA 2009

Nissan has announced that it will not have any corporate display at the upcoming SEMA event. Not really surprising as the products Nissan is most focused on right now (Leaf, etc.) are not even on the market yet. It is still dissapointing that Nissan will only attend in a corporate fashion a single Auto Show in North America in 2010. They continue to cut back on marketing and advertising, I guess in the hopes that the vehicles sell themselves...a dangerous tack to take given that only the GT-R generates passion on its own, sans-marketing...

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Nissan has confirmed that it will not be attending the 2009 SEMA Show this Fall. What that means is, we aren’t likely to see any drift Cubes, or DUB Cubes or crazy widebody GT-R-powered Cubes.

Which isn’t really a bad thing… although that last one sounds interesting.

Nissan had already announced that it would only attend one major auto show on each continent and the company has now said that it views SEMA as a major show. That being said, we aren’t likely to see a corporate Nissan displays until the LA Auto Show in 2010.

Nissan may be missing out on a huge marketing opportunity here as cars like the Cube are the perfect fit for an event like SEMA. Still, there are certain to be plenty of private companies with Cubes… and as long as GT-Rs draw a crowd you can be sure SEMA will be full of them

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