Friday, October 23, 2009

2010 Toyota 4Runner: Review

Ahhh...the first reviews of the new 4Runner are coming in. Always a nice SUV it still remains true to its truck heritage keeping the body on frame design. The new 4Runner, however, commits what in my mind is the cardinal sin of ongong SUV design—a bigger is better philosophy.

Adding weight, height, length and width, the new 4Runner is in what used to be LandCruiser sized territory. Added also is the price as for the top end 4Runner you are now looking at a hair less than $40K and for a decent "Trail" edition version you are still dropping $35K. You can add all the do-dads and knick-knacks you want but it doesn't make it better...Toyota can sure build a durable engine and vehicle but they, like many auto manufacturers, still just can't get past the idea that every new generation and redesign HAS to be bigger and come with more baubles than the last...

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