Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nissan LOORRS Results From Last Weekend...

Though missing their top gun (Casey Currie) the Nissan contingent in Unlimited (Pro) Lite still ran very well last weekend in Lake Elsinore, CA. Under the lights on both Saturday and Sunday nights, as ususal it was the Unlimited Lites that provided the best racing action of the night. Saturday night saw John Probst (who has been making the trek from the mid-west all year long to be in the LOORRS) finishing 4th, Jimmy Stephensen in 5th, and Todd Cuffaro in 11th out of 12 entries. Sunday night saw Cuffaro finishing 4th, Probst 5th, and Stephensen in 8th. On the year, Stephensen sits 4th in the overall Unlimited Lite points while Cuffaro is only 8 points behind him in 5th and Probst stands in 7th overall.

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