Monday, August 17, 2009

Japan, France and Germany Exit Recession...The U.S.???

Ummmm....not so much...While two of the worst governments (in terms of economic policy--Japan and France) have as of the past week shown that their economies are growing again, the U.S. continues to lag due to a lack of exports and consumer spending. This is a perfect example of why the current administrations plans for the future of the economy are doomed to fail as you cannot successfully turn an economy around on turning the economy over to the government. The more the U.S. economy becomes purely a service based one, the worse off we will be. The U.S. has to get back to making and inventing things, be it software, drugs, technology, airplanes, spacecraft, whatever, instead of just everyone working to service the needs of others (waiters, cooks, toll booth attendants, governmental service reps, etc.) and that will only happen when companies are encouraged rather than discouraged to make a profit and hire more people.

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