Monday, August 24, 2009

Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries...

If you have not begun using these in your camera, flashlights, whatever that takes AAs, you are missing out...I have normally been of the school of thought that a battery is a battery is a battery, be it a Duracell, an Energizer, a Rayovac or whatever Wal Mart has on sale that day. Not anymore.

I recently began using these in my Canon digital camera for covering events for I had at first not believed the packaging saying that they last 8 times as long as a normal battery but I was stunned to go two whole days without swapping in a new set of batteries after going through about a set every hour on previous occasions. I shot literally hundreds of photos and scores of 20 second long videos at the event and the batteries would not quit. I can now carry four of these batteries for my camera for an entire weekend of shooting and not worry about running out of juice instead of lugging around a full 16 pack or more...Its quite the weight savings and organization upgrade. Additionally, these batteries work at extreme temperatures which is a big deal to me for shots taken in my New England winters and Desert events. All around they are well worth the addtional price.

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