Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GM Has Buyer for Hummer Brand...

GM announced this morning that is has found a buyer for its Hummer brand.  The details are scant stating only that there is a buyer and that U.S. manufacturing jobs and dealerships will be saved while its South African plant will be closed.  Though I have never been able to stand the H2 and its bloated, overly large, too heavy, underpowered design, both the original H1 and recent H3 have been capable and attractive off road vehicles.  My guess is that the buyer for Hummer is an American company of one sort or another as the previously rumored buyers (Tata and various Mid-East enterprises) would likely shutter most U.S. operations in a money saving effort.  Perhaps, in the longer run, this may mean a return of some funding for Hummer stalwart racer Rod Hall as well.

Edit to Update:  Turns out I was wrong.....WAAAAY wrong...the buyer of Hummer is not an American company.  It is instead Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.  Try fitting that on the rear hatch of an Hummer!!  STHIM for short is a Chinese company with a focus on heavy duty machinery and highway/bridge components.  Though it states on its website that it is a "private" company, I have a hard time believing that ANY Chinese company is truly 100% private.  Be that as it may...I wonder what a communist Hummer may look and perform like??  Additionally, this is likely only the beginning of China coming into the U.S. and buying up our assets.

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