Sunday, June 14, 2009

MMA is a Joke...

Guess this post falls under the "other" part of NISMOSTUFF...

For the life of me I have never understood the attraction of any of the MMA events/persona/leagues, etc. I first watched MMA back in the early 1990's when the UFC was on its first few events and the only rule was that there was no eye gouging or hair pulling. Shots to the nuts were legal if I remember correctly and the fights were, for the most part, bloody, short and entertaining to me as a college kid seeing them for the first time. I quickly grew bored of them however as the participants always broke down into one of two categories--either the lean, submission using martial arts specialist or the hulking, juiced up neanderthal who would pummel you into unconciousness...great...what wonderful suspense and depth this provided...
While my (and many others) interest quickly waned, the UFC and MMA in general repackaged and reprocessed themselves into something that would be more palatable to the politicians and more marketable to the ignorant mainstream...and boy have they succeeded...
Now as a "sport" marketed towards those young, white, male adults who grew up watching the WWF now have something to "graduate" to when they tire of bad acting and scripted brawls. You see, the UFC, Tap Out and the rest of the MMA scene came along at just the right time when white, male America was hungering for a new "sport". Young white males had long ago lost a great deal of their interest in sports like basketball, boxing and football as they lost ever more ground to highly skilled and motivated African Americans. Hockey?? Canadians and Swedes (plus the U.S. remains a largely WARM country). Baseball?? Too slow for the video game age. Golf and tennis?? For the country club elite.
So where is the average to below average intellect white boy to look for his sporting heros?? Why a sport dominated by white athletic castoffs and also rans fueled by steroids and meth. Make no mistake about it, MMA is a sport rife with drugs of all kinds as its high "white trash" quotient makes sure of. Nowhere is MMA more popular than the meth lab trailer parks and prefabbed houses of white slums and welfare petitioners. And here it has bloomed.
Finally, white American males have a sport they can call home again. Sure, there are some black MMA fighters, fewer if you discount the international ones, fewer still if you count the successful ones. But one of the reasons MMA has continued to be popular in white, GED America is its high turnover rate of champions...If there is a black champion, chances are he will be defeated in a fight or two by a white fighter who will then be in turn defeated by another white fighter another fight or two later...Which brings us to another problem I have with MMA...its complete lack of skill...
In any sport, the cream of the crop will rise to the top and dominate. You see it in golf with Tiger, in tennis with Federer and Nadal, in baseball with Pujols and Bonds (steroids included, he was the BEST of his generation), in football with Brady and Tomlinson, in boxing with Jones Jr. and Ali and so on and so on. Where there is skill involved, as in evolution, the best will survive and dominate the lesser skilled. Where is this in MMA?? Nowhere. It is a revolving door at the top of the sport with no one individual dominating his sport in general or in his own weight class. When everyone has the same skill level, no one has any skill.
Dana White (ironic name, no?), the sociopath in chief of the UFC, is a lot dumber than he seems to me...he is the perfect example of what MMA and the UFC are and have become. He is a white guy who failed at boxing and was run out of town by the Boston Southy crews and somehow lucked into managing a sport that was at the right place at the right time to take advantage of his own and white, male america in general's poor self image. He props up that image now with false bravado, barely intelligible tirades and personal threats. He's like Vince McMahon without the business sense or humor.
So why do I write this?? Well, when I saw that on 6/13/09 48 year old Ray Mercer (former heavyweight champion in boxing) knocked out former UFC heavyweight champion, 33 year old Tim Sylvia (failed football player and boxer, steroid user and all around white trash) in seven seconds. Thats seconds. The fight was emblematic the big stupid joke that the entire sport is. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise...and if they don't agree?? Just tell them to explain the picture at the top of this post which is of the three founders of the "Tapout" line of clothing---worn by white morons everywhere and hiding the large homosexual undercurrents of the entire sport that most of MMA's fans are trying to hide...


Anonymous said...

wow..... i love how you didnt make a single valid point. if its takes no skill, go ahead and get in the cage and get your ass beat. i love how the more than likely overweight loser can get online and talk about how mma isnt a real sport. get off your ass and do something with your life besides talking shit on the internet.

Anonymous said...

typical american racialist faggot

Anonymous said...

As a fellow car enthusiast, I'm a little disappointed in this breakdown. It's true: a large portion of the MMA audience is middle to lower class white guys between the ages of 18-35. Here's a secret: That's true of all sports. Not exactly a genius point you're making there.

You clearly aren't interested in learning more, but I think that title contender Rashad Evans, a black guy with a degree in psychology from Michigan State and an All American wrestler would find your rant about how MMA is for meth addict rednecks pretty amusing. So would Thiago Silva, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert who literally fought his way out of the ghettos of Sao Carlos Brazil and turned his skills into a marketable profession. To summarize: generalizing about any group of people is stupid. Don't do it.

Anonymous said...

While it's evident that there's a certain "get'r done" faction of MMA fans, I think you're out of your element here. And while this seems like an attempt at a funny rant, for it to work you have to make good points. And actually be funny.

The thing to keep in mind is that MMA is still in its infancy. Fighters and promotions are just now achieving the necessary fame and noteriety to draw a) a diverse fanbase ie, big, stable revenue and b) the highest caliber athletes around. Today's contenders would crush yesterday's champions. The sport is growing so quickly that it should be no surprise that the talent pool of fighters is, too.

Look at Tim Sylvia, who you mocked for getting whooped by Ray Mercer. Neither wouldn't stand much of chance against the top HWs of today. The sport came from humble beginnings, and there's no question that Tim Sylvia no longer represents the caliber of fighter that can stay on top of the UFC.

Finally, look at the caliber of talent CURRENTLY in the UFC instead of using a single atypical example to support your claim. The UFC is attracting better and more skilled athletes than ever before. Yesterday, Matt Hughes ruled the WW division. Today, Georges St. Pierre rules that same division with loads more skills and athleticism. In 10 years, I believe there will be someone even more naturally gifted with better technical abilities. You can't build the UFC overnight, just like the NFL or NBA didn't suddenly have the best athletes with the snap of one's fingers. The UFC, in their short history, has gone from brawling beer-drinkers to Olympic wrestlers with regimented diets. I'd say they're doing a good job, your opinion of Dana White notwithstanding.

You also raise a few other points, which don't make a whole lot of sense:
1) The championship belts turn over too quickly:
- Anderson Silva has held the MW belt since 2006 and has defended it 7 times. To compare, look at the NFL. When's the last time someone won back-to-back Super Bowls? That's right, five years ago. And people love that sport -- turnover only makes each year a competitive surprise. So your assertion is wrong AND irrelevant and also becomes strangely racist by the end. Nice one. I couldn't have thought up a dumber answer if I had tried.

2) You almost raise interesting points about race but mostly are just talking out of your ass. White people lost interest in football? Have you ever been to Texas? I'll just leave it at that.

3) OMG drugs. You bash the UFC for steroids yet completely give Bonds and the sport of baseball a free pass. Has nearly every single top MMA fighter been caught using steroids, as in baseball? No. Also, since when do MMA fighters use meth? Again, self-confused attacks on white people with no proof.

You're absolutely entitled to hate MMA. Personally, I don't really give a shit. What I DO hate is a piss-poor argument as to why something -- anything -- sucks. Your argument essentially boils down to, "MMA totally sucks because ... umm ... well, it sucks!"


Leave the thinking to people like me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bizarre racist rant; you are a credit to humanity. If you’re so hard core and think MMA fighters are a joke then step into the cage. FYI Randy Couture (47 years old) beat a boxer named James Toney (42 years old), and several other boxers have been destroyed in the octagon over the years. So your weird statement about boxers being superior to MMA fighters because of Tim Sylvia is unfounded. Enjoy your Black Panthers rally……

Anonymous said...

Not a single valid point in this entire post. Many fighters(including myself) have advanced degrees and mma fans encompass a wide range of backgrounds.

MMA is a very technical sport. I've been training for years. Mixed Martial Artists cross train in boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu and other forms of grappling. We have to gain a level of proficiency in many sports in order to compete in our sport.

If you think it's so easy and unskilled come step in the cage against me, or lets have a boxing match, or a kickboxing match, or a wrestling match, or a jiu jitsu match. I would school you in any f those sports.

Anonymous said...

Horrible writer. You are never going to get anywhere in life

Anonymous said...

Hahah You don't know what the fuck you're talking about. You say most MMA fans are white males with average intellect? Hello, that's what most sports fans are in general. Most people in any country have average intellect, and considering America is majority white... what the fuck do you expect? Of course most of the fans will reflect what most of the population is.

And young white males don't like football or baseball anymore? Where the fuck do you live? As for basketball and boxing, both sports have declined lately among nearly all demographics with the absence of dominant players like Jordan and Tyson -- who were both BLACK. You see, nowadays these sports are actually more diverse, and you're saying whites have lost interest because of some under- representation? There are more white dominant athletes in boxing and basketball than there has been for decades. More than half of all boxing titles from Junior Middleweight on up are held by whites. Yet boxing was MORE popular among average white Americans when blacks were on top. Now that Central/Eastern Europeans and Latin Americans seem to be the best, it has become irrelevant. What does that tell you?

Furthermore, if you were to actually do your research instead of talking out of your ass you would find that the most popular MMA fighters are not white Americans: Fedor, Wanderlei Silva, Shogun, BJ Penn, GSP, Rampage, Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, Nogueira brothers, Cro Cop, shit even Kimbo Slice, etc. are the most popular. In fact the only white Americans who I can think of that have a significant fan-base are Brock Lensar, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, and Forrest Griffin.

What am I saying, you probably don't even know half of these names. You are just perfectly content to sit back and criticize something you know nothing about.

spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

Thanks for all the additional traffic to the site...appreciate it, really, I do...

Now go put another Tapout sticker on your Ford Escort and put on your dragon emblazoned tshirt that is two sizes too small, go to your local mall and act like a tough guy...well done sir...well done..

Anonymous said...

you should thank the guy who posted your thread in sherdog and got you some traffic , your blog was like shouting into the dark hoping someone is listening ...

"Now go put another Tapout sticker on your Ford Escort and put on your dragon emblazoned tshirt that is two sizes too small, go to your local mall and act like a tough guy...well done sir...well done.."

weakest comeback ever

the guy above you just torn to shred every one of your " arguments " and this is what you got to say to him ?

Anonymous said...

Oh man, this might have been the worst thing I've ever read haha. No fighters dominate their weight class for any period of time? Bahahahahah. Find a new job you can't write for shit my man. Oh and it takes absolutely no skill...yeah thats why at UFC 1 a light heavyweight pro boxer got taken down and humiliated by a 170 pound Brazilian kid who used nothing but skill. Usually before you comment on something you should make sure you know what the fuck you're talking about. A pathetic attempt really.

spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

Sorry dudettes but believe it or not, I'm actually a paid senior editor at a print magazine carried nationwide in Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc. in addition to being part of (lower) management at one of the largest companies in the country (actually world), so your comments about my writing and job status ring kinda hollow...Oh and given that I was watching MMA before many of you were out of diapers I wouldn't say I'm an expert but I have been watching for a long enough time to know what MMA represents...

Anonymous said...

you said yourself that you stoped watching mma a long time ago , back when it was a " spectacle " ( different martial arts / combat sports against each other ) so you pretty much didn't follow the evolution of the sport , and judging by the way you talk about " mma fans " you obviously missed that the fan base is no longer the " teenage white boy " like in the 90's . the largest MMA fanbase is pretty much in japan , since it was home to the largest MMA promotion ( pride fc ) and now there is dream etc... they don't have tapout t shirt there..
i'am actually a boxing fan, and a casual MMA fan , i don't care if you hate MMA , but you obviously didn't update your facts about the sport , one of the main problems with boxing is lack of superstars , the belts are passed / vacated all the time , wich is not the case in MMA , fedor , anderson silva , GSP , BJ penn etc.. they all dominated their dvision this decade , but since you stopped watching MMA for like 15 years , you didn't know that , and you didn't bother doing a little research ...what you watched was " street fight " not MMa, mma is what we've seen in the last 8 years , and you know nothing about it since you didn't dare to defend your arguments :)
i'am sure you're good writer when it comes to nissan , WRC etc... but mma.....

Anonymous said...

it's not MMA you hate , you hate american mma fans , and the UFC and the american MMA scene in general , am i wrong ?
what do you have to say against the educated japanse fans and promotions like the late pride , and dream / k-1 ?
MMA is just a combat sport man , it has nothing to do with " tapout " or anything you said, UFC is not MMA

ps: and come on , no skills ? MMA is flooded with black blets in grappling arts , ncaa wrestler , and muay thai experts , i'am pretty sure you need " skills " to take on those guys..

Anonymous said...

mr dan , you got totaly owned by the the 4th commentator , he destroyed all your " arguments " , all you have is some kiddie personal attacks , you're senior editor of some crappy magazine ? who gives a shit ? you write about dirt , crappy japanese cars etc... WOW how brain-stimulating is your job my man

spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

To the last commenter...why don't you put a "pwned" reference in there and complete your internet, desk jockey, fanboy image...

To the two commenters just prior to comment #15 (I would refer to you by name but none care to actually take credit for their own writing)--Now you get the point...My article was never meant to be an end all be all 100% in depth discussion of the merits of "MMA" was a visceral rant against the morons who flock to the UFC, Tapout and other "MMA" groups simplely because its the newest, coolest thing for dumb, whiteboy, meth-heads to latch on to...

Anonymous said...

MMA, Meth and Violent porn are the bread and circuses of the fall of our Rome....

Anonymous said...

hahahaha this guy is mad because he is a white trash redneck who failed to be a writer. mma is dominating boxing Coming from a Latino

spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

So I'm a white trash redneck--and yet I am clearly making fund of white trash rednecks...Kinda odd don't you think?

I am not a failed anything but certainly not a failed always with the MMA fanboy dimwits--thanks for playing...

Anonymous said...

you're spot on with your view on the douchebagness of the american MMA scene , the douchy sponsors ( BTW the gay guy you made fun of , charles lewis jr is dead ) the influx of 18-25 casual fans after the success the reality show ( the ultimate fighter ) the douchy commentators , a predisent who acts and dresses like a 15 year old skateboarder etc...

BUT everything else you said about mma is wrong , just from what you wrote , i can see that last time you watched ufc was back in the 90's , when they had fights between a 300 pound bar room brawler and a 150 pound jui-jitsu expert... lot has changed since then .

just take a look at the ufc roster, and find me a guy who's not an accomplished athlete , either as a grappler or striker . ufc is pretty much filled with NCAA divsion 1 champions , BJJ black belts, thai boxing world champions etc... it's absurd to say that it takes no skill , go there and try to outwrestle a wrestler , or try not to get submitted by a decorated grappler...etc , modern fighters are trained in all aspects of fighting , not like the old timers .

comparing mma to tennis is not really smart , mma is an unpredictable full contact sport where fights can end in so manny different ways , a lucky ko , a submission from nowhere , a razor close decision etc.... it's not accurate science like hitting a ball over a net
+ if you follow boxing , the same thing apllies , roy jones fought nothing but tomato cans after beating hopkins and toney ,beating easy opposition dosen't mean he was cream of the crop , look at the current boxing world champions and see for yourself , most of the belts were won recently
add to that the business model of the ufc is different, there are no tune up fights in ufc , and in boxing there is no dana white to throw you to the wolves fight after fight , boxers usualy fight lower opposition after beating a top contender .... it dosen't happen in the ufc .
if you want cream of the crop in MMA :
anderson silva, middleweight champion since 2006
GPS : welterweight champion since 2007
bj penn : ( lost last year) but was lightweight champion for 3 years

again , a proof that your post is nothing but your ancient MMA memories , LOT HAS CHANGED , let's take a look at the 5 best fighters in the world , P4p

1- anderson silva = black brazilian
2- gsp = french canadian
3- josé aldo = mestizo brazilian
4- jon jones = africa america
5- cain velasquez = mexican american

ufc champions
heavyweight = mexican american
light heavyweight = african american
middleweight = black brazilian
welterweight = french canadian
lightweight = half-white / half latino american
featherweight = mestizo brazilian
bantamweight = mexican american

there you have it , 0 white champion , 0 fighter to appeal to the redneck population


roids are problem in every combat sports , not just MMA , i'm surprised that you were acting as if drugs in mma are more prevalent than in boxing , when the example you used ( roy jones ) is a known steroid abuser , and 'im not gonna waste time bringing big names who got busted for steroids , you know them very well ( shane mosley ,james toney , hollyfield and the list is long ) you just made accusations without any proof , more boxers were busted for steroids than mma fighters

tim sylvia is a wrestler , ray mercer is one of the hardest puncher in boxing , sylvia wanted to show that he was " the man " and decided to stand with a boxer , he got knocked out , period . a fluke KO that happens when fighters are dumb . mma guys beat plethora of boxers ( imamu mayfield losing to fujita , toney to couture , jimerson to royce gracie etc.. )
if you use that one fight as a proof that mma " sucks " , you just don't know much about fighting .

Anonymous said...

one thing :

making fun ( rightfully so) of the average mma fan is not a bad thing , but badmouthing someone who puts his health on the line to secure meals on his family's table is a really low blow , these fighters deserve nothing but respect

and i hope you were not 100 % serious , there is so much unnecessary hate in your post

Anonymous said...

"So I'm a white trash redneck--and yet I am clearly making fund of white trash rednecks...Kinda odd don't you think?"

so are japanese and canadians whitre trash redneck now ? because last time i checked mma is huge in japan , and it's now the second most popular sport in canada ( just check ufc 129 in toranto )
+ the tapout wearing people are ususaly sissy middle class white people from the suburb , not trailer trash .
add to that a ufc ppv is 60 $ , 2 events per month that's 120 $ , the trailer trash people can't afford hat

hell , you can't afford that

Anonymous said...

dan spalinger :

an idiot who got an english degree because he lacked the brains to study an actual subject

he was a failed car salesman
a failed risk analyst
and at the time of this article , was a bald , jobless retard living in shithole new hampshire or some fucking place like that.

he's a an arrogant, self centred douche who believes that there are actualy people who read the ramblings he calls blogs , he's disliked and made fun of in every board he joined , his political views often serves as source of entertainement for others, due to their retardness .

after years of being a jobless , useless waste of organs and blood , and an incompetent husband ( a jobless man in his 30 is a failure and a burden to his family as you all know ) , he somehow managed to get a job in some off-road japanese car ( the worst thing than drowning is a japanese car ) BS magazine that nobody gives a shit about, after living paycheck to paycheck as a " freelance " writer for some crappy , z level internet websites .
mr spalinger delusioned himself into believing that he was an actual writer ,and even ventured into film and book critic . The only thing more laughable than these " reviews " are.....can't think of any thing , sorry .

by spalind's definition , dana white is dumb , the question that asks itselft : when was the last time MR spalinger saved a company from the brink of bankrupcy , and turned it into a billion dollar brand ?

spalind also showcased a lack of knowledge when mocked mma as a " drug-infested " sports , but whithout any shame , mentioned RJJ , a guy who tested for steroids , and fought b level fighters during his reing as a champion .

spalind also dosen't understand that the tim sylvia vs mercer only shows that a big puncher can knock a guy out if he hit him cleanly .
that fight says nothing about mma , it just proved how stupid tim sylvia is , instead of taking mercer down and beat the crap out of him on the ground using his wrestling credentials , he decided to try and beat mercer in his own game
anyone with a brain can see that this was a fluke , and that a grappler/ submission wretler can beat a boxer 9 out of 10 times ( mercer lost to kimbo before beating sylvia ) couture beat james toney , only an idiot like spalind can say otherwise , top boxers like bernanrd hopkins , de la hoya, pacquiao speak highly of mma , and admit that they will be out of their element in they fought an mma fighter.

spalind can't get passed the young bandwaggon fans and decide to label all the fans as " white trash " or " tapout wearing douches " , and like some posters said before , i don't think they have trailer trash people in japan and canada , and the average white trash don't pay for PPV .

spalind , the self hating sissy white guy , didn't even take time to look at the current ufc champions since 0 of them are white americans , spalind didn't even notice that the age of the white midwestern nfl rejects is OVER , spalind also ignored that brazilians pioneered MMA , and are still the driving force in the sport , since 2 of the top 3 P4p fighters in the world are brazilians.

spalind= a failure , and the scary thing is that he's not even trolling

spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

Jeez, still dragging this up from '09 huh? Wow...must have gotten reposted on some homoerotic MMA board again. Thanks for the pageviews!

Onto this last commenter (the one who gives the definition of me--anonymously of course), given I have no idea who he is and has never met me, he has spent an inordinate amount of time looking into who I am likely trolling Facebook and searching for my name online--kinda queer aren't you? My life is an open book and I take no shame in who I've worked for. I am certainly not a failed anything given who I work for currently and the position I have here, in addition to being able to write for various media outlets from time to time. And yes, I live in NH--actually in the second most wealthy community in NH right now and have 4 cars, a substantial house and property, two kids a wife, substantial household income and one of the best geographic locations in the States. Oh, yeah, and I am kinda got me there...Carry on your rants my friend...carry on...

Anonymous said...

dan spalinger , i'm the last anonymous poster .

you suck , and you know it . you're one of the most unlikeable people i've ever come across on the internet . an arrogant self centered bigot .

finding stuff about your life took roughly 15 minutes .

ps : i find it hilarious that you never shy away from taking a shot at hot feminine chicks like angelina jolie and beyonce , when in real life you're married to a tranny ( wendy ...typical white trash name ) closet homo . it explains why you're so over sensitive to the grappling aspect of MMA .

spalind (Dan Spalinger) said...

Ahh, now I know who this last anonymous commenter is!! You're that guy from Spain correct?? For someone who hates my writing you keep coming back here time and time again for a whole year now!! Not that I blame you. If I lived in Spain and likely on the government dole like many MMA fans I'd spend more time on the internet too! Isn't it time you go out and get a job or something??? Your country could use one less welfare slob on their books...

Anonymous said...

went to my first mma show last night, it was an outside event...lots of pot smoking and drinking, I saw 2 different fights break out in the stands, one guy ended up with a nasty gash over his eye. The card featured fighters from the US &Canada, and the fans booed the Canadian National Anthem, I saw far to many amphetamine using ultra skinny looking dudes with most of there teeth rotted with Mohawks and tapout t-shirts. I watch it on tv...but the hell with going to another show live. I felt like I needed a shower when I got home. grosssss people.