Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Moeckel Pond Fishing...or Lack Thereof...

Well as part of Father's Day after a number of other dissapointments my son and I decided to run over to Moeckel Pond for some fishing.  I had been there about three months ago and there was a fair amount of shallow water in the "pond" and figured it would be a decent spot for some small, freshwater fishing.

Not to be.  The super dry weather and general draining of the pond due to the breaching of the dam has left almost nothing left for a fish to swim in.  There is currently a VERY small "puddle" just below the Moeckel Dam in which you can cast a line...we caught one small bluegill in said puddle and a good sized muskrat swam within 10 feet of us on his way up to the dam...but that's it.  If you have thoughts of heading to Moeckel Pond for some fishing...skip it...at least until the Moekel Pond Dam Association raises enough money to repair the dam and refill the pond.

Mocked Pond video about its history and effort to revive it.  I think I will head over to their donation page and contribute towards its restoration...far better that than another housing development at this point.

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