Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kind of a Nissan GT-R at this Weekend's Pikes Peak Hillclimb...

Body of a Ford Focus (kinda) and the heart and soul of a GT-R.  Well, this Australian effort comes out of Pace Innovations who works in a number of different genres, ranging from Australian V8 Supercars, to Rally-Raid style trucks, to hillclimb cars to side by sides.

This car has over 800HP and weighs just over 2,000 pounds and was originally designed to break hillclimb records in Australia.  Now it has bee brought over here to compete in one of the oldest and most prestigious events we have.  It will be competing against about 11 other competitors in the Unlimited class including another Nissan GT-R.

It doesn't appear that anyone is set up this year to challenge Sebastian Loeb's all time record set in '13 but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Electric Vehicle (modified) record of 9:07 fall to Rhys Millen and the Electric Vehicle (production) record of 12:55 fall to Blake Fuller and his Tesla S P90D.

Oh...and I'm so hoping the Jeff Denmeade's Time Attack 2 class Mitsubishi Evo effort blows up or is totaled in some catastrophic fashion.  Not enough bad things could happen to him in this event for my liking.

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