Saturday, January 31, 2015


Continuous was a term I first heard when working for Toyota some 15 years ago.  Its a term that should be more present in many operations.  So here is my little kaizen for the day for my little race effort.  A number of items that in and of themselves don't result in significant improvements but are just small, additive changes.

We have an IR thermometer to keep tabs on brakes, engine and other component temperatures.

NoLoss valvestem caps so there is no worries surrounding putting them down and losing one or damaged valve components.

A new wrench and impact socket spares for the front suspension components to keep in the truck.

Laminated radio frequency guides for both any service crew members and the racers themselves so there can be an easy reference as to what is programed into the radio and between handhelds.

Two handheld Rugged Radios to allow communication (when needed) between crew and race truck and crewmembers themselves (when needed).

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