Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday: CORR Bully Dog Nissan Titan

Hopefully this can be a new trend for the site going forward, ripping off 10,000 other "throwback Thursday" items.  Here we'll try to highlight a single old school Nissan/Datsun, particularly a motorsport/dirt related vehicle.

Here we have the old BullyDog/CORR Nissan Titan.  Nissan was a title sponsor of the CORR events for a handful of years, also sponsoring Carl Renezeder and the pace truck as well in conjunction with aftermarket ECU tuner BullyDog.  The last I knew, Mike DeFord of BullyDog was still in possession of this vehicle and may have tried to sell it at one point.  The suspension setup has a number of PRG components including rear leafs and Sway-Away shocks and bumpstops.

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