Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rally Trinidad 2014

I had brought up the Rally scene in Trinidad and Tobago a few weeks back mentioning that they had a regular event there for many years now.  Well the 2014 Rally Trinidad has now passed and it looked awesome.  Great sights both on and off the sandy roads.  The event ran over three days and 24 competitive stages.

Winning the event was what looks to be a Ken Block inspired livery Suzuki SX4 WRC driven by Neil Armstrong (no, not THAT Neil Armstrong) a native of Barbados.  Finishing 6th of the 29 original entries was a Ford Escort MKII.  Attrition was quite high as there were only 12 finishers.  Some photos from the event and a link to the results for the finishers below.

Rally Trinidad Results... 

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