Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lancaster Caramels...

I love caramel.  I always look for the square shaped chocolates in the samplers because I know they contain caramel.

I also love vanilla.  Even though I know it tastes horrible I can't help but take a taste from the bottle of vanilla extract when I need to use some for a recipe.  I almost always get French Vanilla coffee.

So when I came across these little candies I was psyched to try them.  I wasn't disappointed.  They are creamy, firm but soft and melt beautifully in your mouth--a great mix of the caramel and vanilla flavors.  The best caramel candy I've had in just about forever.

They were just introduced by Hershey's as "Lancaster" candies taking their name from the original Lancaster Caramel Company that Mr. Hershey sold in 1900 for $1 million in order to fund his chocolate company.  The candies also come in a pure caramel version and a rasberry caramel version...both of which I intend on trying in the immediate future.  A little bit of heaven in the middle of my cube-monkey day.  They don't seem to be everywhere like your Snickers or other candybar type products but look to be available at Target and other major stores.

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