Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ride Apart's Honda Grom Review

OK so this bike looks juvenile, silly, perhaps a bit stupid even.  From the moment I saw it however I wanted one.  A small bike I could throw around, get back and forth to work on and get 130 mpg for under $3k?  Sign me up.

These are evidently in BIG demand too.  Saw a new-ish (50+ miles) one for sale locally for $4k this weekend, a 33% markup from sticker and from reports there is a waiting list for them and they sell practically as soon as they hit the floor.  I'm also betting there will be a huge aftermarket for them as well.  Anyone buy up that "HondaGromOwnersClub.com" website yet?

Ride Apart's Review of the Honda Grom...

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