Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nissan Sentra at Black River Stages 2013...

Unfortunately I did not make Black River Stages this year.  I have a soft spot for the event as it was my first stage rally back in '11 and was also the site of my only DNF in '12 as well as the location where I picked up one of my rescued housecats.

At least there was one Nissan present at the event though.  The Nissan Sentra (SE-R I'm pretty sure) of Nicholas Martinez and Jeff Hagan entered the event and though some internet postings by Jeff seemed to indicate that this was Nicholas' first stage Rally, he and his Sentra have been at other stage rally events (I believe I've even met him before) such as Rally West Virginia and Sandblast.  So unless there is a 2nd Nicholas Martinez racing a Sentra SE-R he did have some experience.

Regardless, Nicholas and crew avoided being one of the 15 DNFs out of 39 entries and finished 10th of 24 2WD entries and 18th of the 39 overall.  The "in action" photos here are of the Goose Pond stage and one of its many jumps.  The black duct tape contraption is an improvised air duct to divert the air coming in the roof scoop to the windshield which was fogging badly given the cool and wet weather!!

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