Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Red Bull Frozen Rush Update...

About one week away now from the big event up at Mount Snow and preparations are underway.  icky Johnson will be arriving early next week to do some testing and course building before testing out the course on Thursday.

As with any event as complex as this one, there are hiccups.  In this case the hiccup came in the form of the US Forest Service who control the top portions of Mount Snow and who put the kibosh on the event running on "their" turf (problems with the Feds are certainly not restricted to tortoises and Western state events).  So instead of using the whole mountain for Johnson's Pro4 to race up, down and over, the Red Bull event will utilize solely the bottom half.  While this might limit some of the videography opportunities for the Red Bull crew it will likely keep the action closer to any individual attendees.

Also on hand will be the BFG tire crew who have installed half inch spikes on the big Pro4's tires, something never attempted before.

And if you're wondering if the snow and cold in the Red Bull Frozen Rush intro video is fake--its not.  The video, with Johnson exhaling some frosty breaths, was filmed up at Lake Tahoe after Red Bull approached Ricky with the idea for this promotion.

Ricky has graciously agreed to submit himself to a few questions regarding his efforts and this event at some point next week, so if you have anything (intelligent) you'd like to ask of Ricky, please shoot me a message here or send me an email at: and I'll try and fit it in.  Hope to see some of you up there!

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