Sunday, April 22, 2012

Book Review: Rockers and Rollers

Brian Johnson may be a millionaire lead singer of one of the best selling music groups of all time and a fine race car driver, but Shakespeare he is not.

Actually, he'd be challenged to put together a coherent handful of sentences that would outrank those of your local high school dropout.

I had the "pleasure" of being presented this book to read by a co-worker of mine who thought that since I know the difference between an intake and an exhaust that I would be interested in this work.  All the more so because he likes 70's and 80's rock music--hey!  Doesn't everyone?

Well, I like a few AC/DC songs but for the most part can live with or without them and this book, only at its most tangential level, is about cars or racing.

Mostly it revolves around Mr. Johnson, his "wanker" and all the women he's "shagged" and how this relates to the numerous vehicles he's owned over the years.

Now, I won't take away from Mr. Johnson his skill behind the wheel.  He won his class at the 24 Hours of Daytona this year, no small feat, and has driven in numerous events across the globe.  He is however, either incapable of escaping his self created "rock-star" image or he truly is one of the dimmest, most ego-centric individuals on the planet.

No chapter here (there are 90 of them) is more than about three pages long--the maximum length Mr. Johnson seems to be able to expound upon any subject.  Subjects range from various vehicle models he has owned at one time or another to random tour bus bacchanals to his appearance on a reality TV series--truly riveting stuff this is (eyes rolling back into my skull).  One gets the feeling that he is about as shallow as a typical AC/DC groupie.

Don't consider reading this book.  Don't buy it, don't borrow it and don't accept it as a gift.

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