Monday, September 21, 2009

Nissan Frontier Makes Peterson's 4Wheel & Off-Road

This time its a Fronty from AZ that has had the Calmini SAS swap. Always good to see a Nissan getting some publicity. This one used to be 2WD but it has come a long way. Linky dinky do: Frontier in Peterson's


Nissan Frontier said...

Thanks for sharing this post. All pick up trucks pull and carry loads nearly twice from their weight, but these massive engines were gaping fuel drains. Manufacturers are building more economical trucks, like the Silverado Hybrid and the Ford 150 SFE. Nissan Frontier is a four cylinder mid-size pick up truck. In terms of feature it was basic. Seats are very comfortable and very spacious.

Nissan Mobil Terbaik Pilihan Keluarga said...

Wow, it looks so great! I want my car just like that!