Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NISMO Exiting Tarmac To Focus On Dirt In South Africa...

Nissan Motorsports of South Africa has announced that '08 will be the last for their on-road racing division and while that leaves a number of drivers out of the mix, it will mean a refocus and new money coming into their off-road racing division which has been EXTREMELY successful in capturing numerous titles and being the dominant off-road racing manufacturer South of the Equator in Africa. Similar to our "Frontier" here in the U.S., the South African Navarra is their main racing vehicle in the rest of the world and Nissan Motorsports South Africa often exports its racing "bakkies" as they call them around the world for Dakar and FIA teams to use. South Africa is probably Nissan Motorsports strongest region in terms of their off-road program and teams and it doesn't look like they have any intention of slowing down. Article on this announcement here:

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