Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Dakar Nissan Update Stage 8

Yup, now only a single Nissan powered entry left in this year's Dakar.  #377 of Carlos Aguero shows as having withdrawn from the event prior to the start of Stage 8.  This leaves only the following:

#334--the Renault Duster VK56 powered SUV is the lone carrier of the Nissan brand left in the event and you have to examine its engine bay to find this out.  Still, they are soldiering on, finished 26th on the 8th stage and stand in 24th overall.  With the 9th stage cancelled (the second stage cancellation of the event) due to landslides and generally atrocious weather that cut off roads and prevented all emergency flights and helicopters from getting of the ground, only a handful of real stages remain.  Having come this far it is my belief that Facundo Ardusso will make the finish line...I mean he has to right?  We can't have a Dakar without a single Nissan based entry finishing, can we?

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