Sunday, March 27, 2016

Removing Handlebar Endweights on Honda CB500X

Started my first modifications on the CB500X ADV bike this weekend.  As always its a learning experience.

In order to install a set of Barkbusters handguards the handlebar endweights have to come off so that the aluminum guards can be attached in a wraparound fashion, attaching where the weights once were.  Looking at the endweights you see the Phillps style screw holding them down.  The weights however just spin and spin so that won't work on its own.

Then you try and hold the weights while using the screwdriver...nope, you can't get a good enough hold on the smooth and round weights to exert enough torque on the screw.  The trick to getting them off?  Duck tape.

Taking duck tape you put down 3 or 4 layers with 1/2 the tape width on the weight and 1/2 on the grip  itself which does not spin at all.  Doing this nearly immobilizes the weight (it may move a cm or less but essentially freezes it in place).  Then get out your ratchet drive.  Nope, a simple Phillips cannot get enough torque on the screw even with it held still.  The ratchet wrench connected to a Phillips drive is enough to get the job done and with a little effort the screw will break free and as soon as it does it spins off by fingers with ease.

This trick should work on any Honda as it is apparently quite common for newbies with bikes (like me) to be stumped by this one looking to make some initial modifications.  My screws were not Loc-Tite'd in place (some have stated that their Honda's had Loc-Tite on their weight screws) but you can see in the photo that the screws are machined to have flat spots in them, locking them in place.

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